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Alopecia /Trichotillomania

Alopecia /Trichotillomania 10% Off Discount Application 
Coco Mink Lashes is a brand that empowers women and any individual to reach success as they define it. Our passion is to create Luxurious Lashes that make you feel unique and beautiful. We want you to transform your life and create your own story...Redefine beautiful!
You are beautiful
You are strong
You are special
You are worthy
You are love
You are gorgeous
You are unique
You are fearless
You are the architect of your life
You are the builder of your own foundation
This is YOU!

Coco Mink Lashes are designed from natural to glamorous! They can be worn with NO existing lashes! Many eyelashes in the market don't look natural and cannot be worn without any lashes. That's why our lashes will make a difference in your life! Coco Mink Lashes are comfortable, lightweight and dropped dead gorgeous. These lashes will adhere even if you don't have any lashes. Check out our tutorials instructions on how to apply. 

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