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Scruples High Definition Hair Spray - Volumizing Hairspray with Extra Hold & Shine - For All Hair Types - Valmuizing Spray is Humidity Resistant, Smoothing, & Non-Sticky (10.6 oz)

Scruples High Definition Hair Spray - Volumizing Hairspray with Extra Hold & Shine - For All Hair Types - Valmuizing Spray is Humidity Resistant, Smoothing, & Non-Sticky (10.6 oz)

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Brand: Scruples


  • Unleash the Magic Hold - Experience the transformative power of our Scruples High Definition Hair Spray. This volumizing spray is a versatile styling product, perfect for both men and women, allowing you to craft any hairstyle with effortless ease.
  • Ingredients at Work - This curl spray is packed with ingredients that resist humidity, strengthen hair, enhance shine, and also acts as a curl holder superpower. It's protective barrier complex formula works to replenish moisture and add protein to help maintain elasticity and improve hair’s inner strength.
  • A Multitude of Benefits - This hairspray for men and women offers a firm hold without the stickiness. It doubles as a volume spray for that added body, and a finishing hairspray for a polished look.
  • For Optimal Results - Position the can 8-12 inches from your styled hair and spray curls evenly to hold your look. For that extra volume, lift sections of your hair and spray focusing hair spray to hold and lift your roots.
  • The Scruples Legacy - As a brand that's synonymous with quality and innovation in hair styling products for women, Scruples consistently delivers top-notch results. With our hair spray products, you can rest assured that your hair is in expert hands.

Details: This high definition spray by Scruples is the perfect hair spray for styling for hair. It can be used to tame flyaways and provide a soft texture to your hair. It can also be used a detangler, and its lightweight properties make sure that you can use it every day without any risks.

This Scruple hair product is sulfate-free, which makes it safe to use on all hair types, especially color-treated or damaged hair, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals that could damage your hair or fade color. This makes this hairspray hair-friendly and ensures that your hair will always be soft to the touch.

This hair texture spray provides a smooth and shiny finish, which doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy. It can also be used on fine, thin hair as it will provide a volumizing look without making it heavy. This volume hairspray can be used either of styling or for some simply detangling of your hair.

This dry hair spray is made especially to be used on dry hair as it is water-soluble, which means it will dissolve in water. This feature makes the wavy hairspray very lightweight and ensures it does not leave any sticky residue. So you can use this curl hairspray multiple times a day without it weighing down your hair. This makes it the ideal product for any styling you wish to do and ensures that your hair always looks and feels beautiful.


  • Sulfate-free
  • Water soluble
  • Lightweight
  • Fights frizz
  • Tames flyaways
  • Volumizing hairspray
  • Ideal for all hair types

    Direction for use:
    Hold the can 10-12 inches away from your hair and spray lightly for working, shaping, and styling dry hair. Reapply for a firm all-over finish.

    Package Includes:
    1 x Scruples High Definition Shaping Spray

    EAN: 0651458470107

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